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Covenant Heirs International/Steve Franklin Ministries® is a teaching, coaching and ministry-mentoring Church in the marketplace. Our mission is to Coach Champions in the Kingdom of God.

This is accomplished by teaching God’s developing Champions how to walk in their identity and inheritance in Jesus Christ and to encourage and intercede for them in that process.

Our congregation is a beautiful mix of all demographics of people from various stages of life.  Some are dressed up in their "Sunday Best", while others prefer more casual attire.


Service begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.


Sunday mornings.We are affectionately called, "Simple Church." Pastor Steve prioritizes  prayer, worship, Bible teaching and fellowship

Mini Services

One Hour Services 

Selected Wednesdays

11:00am- 12 Noon

Bible Study

There are some great tools available to help you study the Bible.  


One of our favorites can be found

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